Visual Storytelling & Arts for Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

This workshop is CONFIRMED

This workshop is CONFIRMED

You are registered and fully paid for this workshop.

Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​

4 June 2024 - 5 June 2024
10:00 - 18:00 CET

Full Cost: €295 + VAT

Visual Storytelling and working with arts to foster diversity, equity and inclusion

The workshop is built on the principle of the learning journey in which you are invited to get to know the narrative approach and opportunities to share stories inspired by visuals, pieces of art and excerpts from graphic novels. Based on these inspirations, you are going to learn how you can apply these sources of inspiration to foster DEI. You also are going to share, design and co-create stories that enhance mutual understanding among people from different cultures and try out numerous visual storytelling activities, which you can apply in your intercultural training and coaching sessions. Working with visual stories, arts and graphic novels is very powerful and you will experience how to facilitate programs and exchange best practices with other participants. On the second day of the course, we will practice new skills and working with visual storytelling activities at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lille.

Your take aways:

  • Learning how to inspire your participants to share stories that bridge cultures, initiate change & lead to enhancing global teamwork.
  • Getting inspirations on how to trigger meaningful conversations with the use of comics, graphic novels, street art, graffiti and fine arts.
  • Getting to know storytelling activities, which enable the participants of your intercultural and DEI programs to describe their work-related experiences across cultures, and their struggles in diverse settings.
  • Story sharing activities for the introduction: Future stories, Intercultural Compass Tool
  • Storytelling activities for change processes: interactive storytelling, open-end stories, story canvas, story circles
  • Gathering visuals and art inspirations to initiate sharing stories across cultures.

Price: 295 EUR entrance to the museum and coffee breaks are included

Grazia Ghellini, intercultural and expatriation trainer and university professor committed to fostering intercultural dialogue, inclusion and social change via innovative teaching practices. She authored and co-authored intercultural games: diversophy Culturas, New Anchors, Game of Feelings, and The Inscape Room for Global Teams, co-developed with Joanna Sell. She uses storytelling, art, literature, and theatre-based practices to reduce bias and discriminations. Grazia is the president of SIETAR France and has already co-organized conferences and workshops at SIETAR Europe Congresses in Dublin, Leuven, and Malta.

Joanna Sell, intercultural narrative coach, trainer and facilitator, founder of Intercultural Compass consultancy specializing in virtual, multicultural teamwork, global leadership and storytelling in the intercultural working environments, academic teacher at the University Hildesheim, host of the podcast and author of books on storytelling. Her newest book The Art of Storytelling Across Cultures got published this year. Joanna was co-organizer of SIETAR Europa Conferences in Valencia and Dublin, and member of Virtual Team at SIETAR Europa.


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This workshop is CONFIRMED

You are registered and fully paid for this workshop.