Congress 2024

Lille, France

Pre-Congress Workshops

Register here for the workshops taking place before the main Congress begins.

Pre-Congress Workshops

4 – 5 June 2024

Half-day, full-day and two-day workshops are offered prior to the main Congress.

The workshops below are all confirmed

Registration for Pre-Congress Workshops is open until Sunday, 26 May.


  • You can register for the Pre-Congress Workshops even if you do not attend the main Congress.
  • Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first-served basis.
  • If you have paid a non-refundable 15 EUR deposit for a workshop that is now confirmed, please pay the remaining amount (full price minus deposit) by 7 May.
  • Final amounts will include VAT of 20%.
  • The price covers the delivery of the workshop (plus any additional materials/books or other items as specified in the workshop’s description) as well as coffee break fees. Further services are not included.
  • SIETAR Europa supports the organization of the Pre-Congress Workshops and the registration process. Whilst precaution was taken to select qualified speakers, SIETAR Europa shall not be liable for the content and delivery of the workshops. This is the sole responsibility of the Workshop Providers.
  • An account will be automatically created for you on this website. This will allow you to review your booking(s) and facilitate paying the remaining balance.


Lunch in the student canteen on any of the pre-Congress or Congress days, Tuesday - Friday.

Includes main course plus choice of two extras (starter and/or dessert). Water available.

€7.50 / day

Tuesday, 4 June

Wednesday, 5 June

Visual Storytelling & Arts for Fostering Diversity & Inclusion (17)
Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​
Presenter(s): Grazia Ghellini, Joanna Sell
Cost: €295 + VAT

Tuesday, 4 June

Wednesday, 5 June

SIG Migration: Supporting Volunteers & Forcibly Displaced Persons (31)
Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​
Presenter(s): Anne-Claude Lambelet, Eila Isotalus, Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen
Cost: €15 + VAT

IncluKIT: Intercultural Training for Migrant Reception (32)
Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​
Presenter(s): David Bousquet, Alex Frame, Romée Jager
Cost: €10 + VAT

Diversity Icebreaker and Inclusive Competencies Inventory  (25)
Knowledge / Methods Beyond the Intercultural Sphere​
Presenter(s): Bjørn Z. Ekelund, Dr. Joanne Barnes,  Matthieu Kollig
Cost: €80 + VAT

Bridging Cultures: activities for intercultural competence development (29)
Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​
Presenter(s): Robert Gibson
Cost: €45 + VAT

Intercultural Knowledge / Methods​
Presenter(s): Renate Link, David Sauvignon, Vincent Merk
Cost: €35 + VAT

Two-Day Workhops

No Events

One-Day Workhops

Post-Workshop Payments

Certification / Licensing

1 July, hours vary
Cost: € + VAT

Half-Day Workhops

No Events